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The Customs Union EAC certification body was investigated and more than 1,000 certificates were invalid!


On April 3, 2019, the Russian EAC certification body "КТС Эксперт (KTC)" was closed due to the spamming EAC certificate. More than 1,000 customs union certificates or statements issued by the agency on May 23 entered the archive pending status. In addition, all customs union certificates that enter the archive pending status are tested at the Испытательный центр Астанинского филиала АО НаЦЭкС (Astana Division of the National Accreditation and Certification Center).

This incident is only the beginning of the reorganization of the Customs Union EAC certification body. In order to avoid risks and avoid trade impact, we recommend that manufacturers choose formal institutions and formal process methods for certification. The cost may be temporarily high, but it can be exported. With security.
For companies that have obtained Customs Union compliance certifications and declarations through Kazakhstan, there is currently only one recommendation: To avoid this, please start re-issuing certificates or statements as soon as possible.
The picture below shows the Russian Federation Accreditation Service, where the status of the relevant certificate can be queried according to the certificate number.

We can see the purple flag on the left, representing the "archive pending" status. In addition, the website can also query the current status of the relevant certification body according to the organization number. If it is red, it is already disqualified; if it is purple, it is archived pending status; if it is green, it is normally valid.

Remind all companies that want to certify before consulting with a foreign certification body or an authorized laboratory. Please check the current status of the organization on the public information website to avoid the situation where the certificate is revoked or fined due to institutional problems.

Source: All-Russian Certification and Declaration Center (https://сертификат-декларация.рф/novosti-sertifikatsii/25-05-2019-00-36-annulirovany-bolee-1000-sertifikatov-sootvetstviya-eaes-vydannykh-osp- Ooo-kts-ekspert?from=singlemessage)

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